Sales Training Will Keep Us in the Lead

July 23, 2019


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I knew that myself along with the rest of the sales team needed to have updated training. We were doing okay, but I knew that we could do better if we learned better techniques. We don’t have a lot of competition with what we are selling right now, but I knew that could and probably would end within the near future because we are part of a market that has yet to be super saturated. That never lasts long in today’s times! I looked at some training programs and really liked what I saw with the verkooptraining site I looked at.

I looked at the different things that we would learn if we were to go through with this training, and I knew that it was the right one for us. I talked it over with the owner of the company, and he was in agreement. He told me had been thinking about market saturation too because he had been hearing things from other businesses in the area. While we definitely had the best head start, we needed to maintain it. When I approached him with my concerns about the lack of new training, it was something he ran with.

Rather than just send us for the three-day training, he scheduled himself to go also. That is a sign of a true leader. He is not afraid to admit that he needs to be taught new techniques too when it comes to sales. The things we learned during those three days are going to ensure that we keep our lead in our industry. We learned how to really take care of the customer, and I do not think we have anything to fear when it comes to any new competition that might come in. We already have great prices, and now we have the knowledge on how to best treat our customers in this growing market.