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November 28, 2020


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The Difference Between Employee and Independent Contractor

It is very important to find out the meaning of the employee and the independent contractor regardless of being an employers or a job seeker. This understanding makes it a bit easier to know how to execute the assigned task. There is so much confusion among people especially because they don’t understand between the two. It is important to find more pages and sites done on these issues to get more understanding. Therefore in this website we have discussed these two to ensure you understand them well. You need the following annual to understand this.

There are main differences between the employee and the independent contractor you to understand before taking the next step. By understanding these differences you are in a better position to execute your tasks well. Here are the differences to note.

The employee works while being supervised by the employer. There is an agreement letter there the employee signs some working hours. The employee is however paid on overtime on. The independent contractor may work for different clients outside the business. The independent contractor has independence and can agree on the schedule to follow to accomplish the task.

The employee is entitled to work compensation whereas the independent contractor is not. An employee is more considered on work compensation especially when terminated from work or even experiences work injuries but the independent contractor is not. The employees can form or join a union where to pass their demands and interests at hand. An independent contractor executes his demands solely without the help of any union. You need to know more about this difference before as you prepare to join this industry.

The employee may not have the freedom to choose between the tasks to perform but rather follow the laid down instructions by their employers. Being an independent contractor gives you more freedom to carry out the tasks, unlike the employee. The independent contractor determines his pay as well as the period of delivering the task. Unlike the employee who takes up what is decided upon by the employer during the employment.

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