More Bets on the Go

November 15, 2019


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My birthday was last week and I got a few presents from my friends and family. My parents bought me a new phone to replace my old one that I had been using for 5 years. The new phone is faster than my old one, has more power, and has a bigger screen. This is great for playing games and going on the betting web sites. My old phone could barely handle going on the web sites and would always freeze after a few minutes. I would barely be able to place a bet before I would have to restart the phone.

Being able to use the sites on my phone gives me the ability to make bets on the go. This comes in handy, especially when I have to travel for long periods of time. I have to take the bus and train to go to school and work, and when I do, I often get bored because there’s nothing I could really do on my old phone that was too slow and weak. I would either try to study or take a nap, and either of these was easy to do with the bumps and noises that the bus and train would make.

Although I’m betting more because of my new phone, I still have some work to do before I can become good enough to make steady money from my bets. I bet on sports games, as well as when I play card games and other casino related stuff, and I’m not that great at predicting the outcome of sports games, nor can I really play any of the games that well. I asked one of my friends who is good at poker to help me get better, but he is always too busy to teach me.