My Brother Recommends ADT Security Systems

When my brother asked if he could come and speak at our church, I thought it was a great idea. He has been a Christian for just a little over two years, and his testimony is simply amazing. He was in prison for almost a decade because of various drug and robbery charges, and that is where he found God. He was able to speak to a lot of other criminals in there, which taught him more than he could ever imagine. He told me to look into ADT in Omaha even before he got out of prison, and that is one of the things he wanted to talk with my fellow parishioners too.

You might think he is working on commission from them for saying that, but nothing could be further from the truth. He learned from other inmates who have done home invasions that they are more likely to strike houses that have no alarm or security systems. He also found out that people who have ADT yard signs on their lawns are definitely avoided because it is the best security system on the market. If one of the inmates saw that sign, he would look for another house to case.

He explained that is because ADT has a reputation for having the best equipment as well as the newest technology, and they wanted to avoid anything that would aid in their capture. He wanted to speak with the church about his prison ministry, but I knew that he really wanted everyone to protect themselves the best way they could, which is with ADT security systems. I know that I got one when he suggested it, and it is affordable for any homeowner because of the different packages they have. I could not be more proud of my brother, and I love that he is so open in sharing his story with others.