My New Girl is Really Different

I have been dating this girl for a couple of months, but now it is getting more serious and I have began to realize how different the two of us are. She is not quite a vegetarian, but there is not any red meat to be found near her. In fact she is all about organic food and she grows a lot of the stuff that she eats in her garden and in a small greenhouse. She even uses this handmade natural soap bar that she gets off of the internet. I do not mind any of it, but I am not thinking that I am going to let her change me too much either. Some of my friends are laughing at me and teasing me, but of course I am not going to let that effect me either. It is not like I am going to give up burgers, but the girl really hates fast food. So the drive through is off limits when she is in the car with me.

I made a burger for me on the grill the other day and she did not say anything about it. However she really did not like it when I made her some catfish the way that my grandmother taught me to do it. Of course that is a very long process. You first season the catfish and then soak the filets in buttermilk and then you dredge them in flour and after that you have to leave them alone for a bit to let the breading firm up. None of that bothered her, but she really did not like the fact that I deep fried them in peanut oil. Of course I smiled at her and told her that I would eat them if she did not. She ate it eventually.